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Report Issues

As members of the Fenwick Homeowners Association, we all share a mutual interest and responsibility for protecting our property values and our community as a whole. The Fenwick HOA Board and Community Preservation Committee (CPC) exist and operate to support this interest. All members are encouraged to actively participate as well. 

HOA CC&Rs & Rules: The HOA’s role/capacities, and member’s responsibilities, are outlined in the Fenwick CC&Rs and comprehensive rules documents. Everyone is strongly encouraged to carefully review these documents. HOA authority may not extend to every particular situation.

Response Times: The Fenwick HOA Board and Subcommittees are composed of unpaid volunteers with private lives and outside obligations. We actively read all submissions, manage them as needed, and address them as quickly as possible. However, please give us time to do so. (In other words, you may not receive an immediate response.) Also, please understand that some issues require significant time to resolve.

Please characterize the issue in one of these areas to ensure the correct Subcommittee get the issue quickly:

Lawn/Landscape Maintenance

Trash Can Storage

Vehicle Parking

Commercial Signs

Lawn Clutter


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