A&S Roofing

Jay Lakin

We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction as well as integrity while making sure we go the extra step in achieving a job well done.  We are fully insured for your protection and offer written labor and material warranties.  Full Warranty on all projects.  Licensed architect on staff.

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Mindy Geist Interiors, LLC

Mindy Geist

Interior & Architectural Design, Consultation, Property Evaluations and Staging for Real Estate Agents and those preparing to list their home.

I have been in construction and interior design for 20 years.  I have provided design and construction services for 10,000 sq.ft. estates as well as 2 bedroom apartments and everything in between.  I can work with any size of budget.  I provide design consultation if you are just needing a professional option for design plans you want to do on your own and full-scale interior design including space planning, additions, and remodeling.  I have qualified subcontractors for painting, flooring, cabinets, counter-tops, plumbing lighting, construction, and repairs.  I have excellent resources for budget-minded, yet quality, carpet, tile, wood flooring, lighting, fabric, furniture, custom window treatments, upholstery, and accessories.  Hiring an interior designer does not have to be an over-priced luxury.  To me, it is no different then hiring a trained professional to spray your grass for weeds, service your air conditioning, or do your taxes!  These people have the tools, products, and education to do the job that may not want to or be able to do on your own.  By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established, through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasurers. *Proverbs 24:3-4.

Winterfield Homes Inc

Bill Trimble

My name is Bill Trimble, owner of Winterfield Homes Inc.  Helping you investment holds its value.  We have entered a new era that will require everything we own to last longer, we want all our belongings to look new, but with time everything gets worn and starts to look less desirable.  We sell it, throw it away and usually losing money.  Anything you want to keep at its top value must be in its best condition.  Once it starts falling apart from time and normal use it will need help.  You can patch a hole and always be able to see where it, or repair it to its original look and function.  I have spent 40 + years learning how to repair not patch, keeping residential structures in top valued condition.  A well maintained property will sell faster for a higher perceived dollar value.