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If you have any questions about the neighborhood or want to get more information about one of the activities please call (405) 341-1428 and leave a message or email:

Fenwick contact number: 341-1428. 
Fenwick HOA Clubhouse address

Fenwick HOA 
16801 Fenwick Boulevard 
Edmond, OK 73012



Board Members

President – Jeffrey Andeel:
Vice Pres – Harvey Jones:
Secretary – Greg Blackwood:
Treasurer – Lisa
Board Member – Caroline Turan:
Board Member – Mark Russell:
Board Member – Emily Garman
Board Member –  Divya Bhatt:
Board Member – Robert Feinberg

Business Management / HOA Management 

 CCMS Carl and Debi Franklin   email:
 CCMS Debi Franklin   email:
      cell: 410-4048
  Carl Franklin   email:
      cell: 408-6611

Clubhouse Rental

Please see the clubhouse rental page.

Fenwick Frogs

Contact Kelsey Crawford (405) 205-8572 or go to Download Flier

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee is chaired by Harvey Jones, he can be contacted at, PH: 405-726-8595.

Social Committee

Social Chair – Caroline Turan,


If you are wanting to build a shed or make any other improvement to your lot please contact the HOA board at For the Architectural Guidelines download the rules document from the Fenwick Documents page.

Receive Important Community Alerts

If you are interested in receiving e-mail blasts containing information pertinentto your community (e.g., neighborhood alerts about missing pets and sometimes kids, crime alerts, pool alerts when we have to close the pool for bad weather, etc.) please contact CCMS to join our Fenwick Community Google group e-mail.  

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