GAF Shingles Installation

We’ve been alerted by a Fenwick homeowner that some of the GAF shingles require special installation procedures in order to be installed properly.  explains why the shingles need to be The video installed as described. If you are or have used these shingles you may want to verify proper installation was or is being done.

Information On How To Eradicate Weeds

The links below give you some very valuable information needed to bring your lawn and landscaping up to the standards required when you own property in Fenwick.

This information should be used to address any issues you may be having with your lawn. Fenwick does not require or suggest you contract with any lawn service company advertising in these links. They do however show knowledge and abilities and may be able to help in managing many situations you may be having.

Controlling all types of undesirable grasses and weeds has always been a continuing year round process; a contracted service may be just what is needed. Weeds will not go away without your continued efforts and it’s required that all of us take care of our lawns and gardens (owned or rented) when we chose to live in Fenwick.

All about lawn weeds

Lawn weed identifier

Pictures of lawn weeds

Life cycles and control methods

Kemble Road Problems

The HOA board is aware of the road issues on Kemble however the HOA has no ability to correct the problem directly.  The problem has been reported to the Oklahoma City Action Center. We would encourage any homeowner concerned and would like to see this expidited to contact the Action Center and file aditional complaints.  They can be reached at 405-297-2535..