The next board meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on at 7:00pm. All members of the HOA are encouraged to come and participate.

HOA Dues 2014

Fenwick Main 2014 Dues
2014 DUES $382 + LATE & PP FEE

Kemble Road Problems

The HOA board is aware of the road issues on Kemble however the HOA has no ability to correct the problem directly.  The problem has been reported to the Oklahoma City Action Center. We would encourage any homeowner concerned and would like to see this expidited to contact the Action Center and file aditional complaints.  They can be reached at 405-297-2535.

Spring 2014 Garage Sale

The Fenwick Spring garage sale will be held Friday and Saturday, March 28th and 29th.  As usual you are required to obtain the proper permits from the city.  More information about permits can be found here:

Sleigh Rides - UPDATE

We've had some challenges this year (WHEW!) but Santa and his sleigh will indeed make it to Fenwick on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm

This is a change from the previous date of Dec 15th as posted on the signs we put up last week so those will be updated tonight.  Mark your calendars if you don't want to miss out.  Come on up to the Clubhouse that night and sign in beginning at 6:00 pm for your turn to ride (first come, first served).  Sign up stops at 8:00 sharp so don't be late!
Bring those cameras because Santa will be here too!  Have your picture made and get cookies and milk or hot cocoa while you wait your turn.

For the most current information please watch our Facebook page.

2014 HOA Dues

Every homeowner in all of Fenwick (both gated and open areas) pays dues to Fenwick (Main) HOA:  
  • Fenwick (main) HOA $382.00 
    • $382.00 due Feb 15th, 2014  
    • Late fee $50 on Feb 16th

In addition to Fenwick Main HOA dues, those who live in private gated areas also pay to maintain their private streets, gates, and administrative costs to maintain their separate HOA boards/areas:

  • Fenwick Garden Village (FGV) $345 (Due from FGV homeowners only)
    • $245 due Feb 15th 2014; 15% late fee added on March 2nd, 2014
    • $100 due July 1st, 2014; 15% late fee added on July 17th, 2014
  • Fenwick Gated (East) $309 (Due from Gated East homeowners only)
    • $132.00 due Feb 15th, 2014; $20 late fee added Feb 16th, 2014
    • $177.00 due July 1st, 2014; $20 late fee added July 2nd, 2014

New Sign Rule

At the annual meeting we discussed the Fenwick sign rule and the Board has voted to adopt the clarification of the Fenwick rule and will be enforced effective January 1, 2014 as follows.
11.  Advertising:  No sign of any kind advertising the sale of any goods or service(s) shall be displayed anywhere on any lot.  Real estate signs advertising the sale of a home and signs stating that a home is for lease that are no larger than 18 inches by 24 inches are permitted during the sales period or until the home is leased, respectively.  Construction or maintenance of any billboard or structure is prohibited. No sign of any kind shall be affixed to anything in the Fenwick neighborhood. This includes, but not limited to, such things as walls, fences, light poles, telephone poles, or poles of any type, and trees or any other plants. Further, no sign shall be posted on stakes in the Fenwick common area except at discretion of the Board.     

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