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2016 Spring Garage Sale Dates

Fenwick’s 2016 Spring Community Garage Sale will be held Fri & Sat, April 15 and 16 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Each participating household is required to obtain a permit from the city. Get your permits online at www.okc.gov– click on Garage Sale Permits & Rules button on the left to purchase your $7.00 permit (required if participating – maximum fine is $200!).  NOTE: these are revised dates as of 2/9/2016.

Welcome 2016 Fenwick Board

Congratulations to our 2016 Fenwick Board Members:

President – Bill Trimble
Vice President – Harvey Jones
Secretary – Jeff Hutson
Treasurer – Lisa Sutliff 
Board Member - Caroline Turan
Board Member - Mark Russell
Board Member - Jeffrey Andeel
Board Member - Greg Blackwood
Board Member - Tom Fiordelisi

Fenwick Gated HOA Dues Notice

2016 Dues Notices for Fenwick's Private Gated Areas:
  • Fenwick Garden Village HOA dues are $460 this year and are due June 1st, 2016.  Pay to FGV HOA, PO Box 8063, Edmond OK 73083-8063
  • Fenwick Gated HOA dues are $334.00.  
    • Pay $149.00 (or more) by Feb 15th, 2016; $20 late fee applies Feb 16th, 2016
    • Pay $185 by July 1st, 2016; $20 late fee applies July 2nd, 2016 
Every Fenwick Homeowner pays dues to Fenwick (main) HOA.  If you choose to live in one of the private gated areas you also owe dues to that HOA to pay for the maintenance and repairs of your private streets and gates, etc.
PLEASE PAY DUES TO EACH DIFFERENT HOA IN SEPARATE CHECKS!  Want to pay by credit/debit card?  Go to your HOA's respective website and click the 'pay now' button (posted after Jan 1st) to use PayPal (convenience fee is charged by PayPal for this service). 
Frustrated or confused about your dues?  Call our HOA Managers at CCMS!  405 285-6907

Fenwick Main HOA Dues Notice

Fenwick Main Dues will be $372.00 due Feb 15, 2016; $50 late fee applies Feb 16, 2016.

Fenwick 2015 Annual Meeting 10 Nov


The Fenwick 2015 Annual Meeting is 7:00 PM Nov 10th at West Field Elementary School Cafeteria.

Need a Quorum to do business, so come elect board members and complete other neighborhood business. 

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